Works and Short Bio

Tefcros Michaelides (born 1954) holds a doctorate in Mathematics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI).

Since 1981 he teaches Mathematics at Athens College, Greece.

He has written textbooks in High School Mathematics and Computer Science.

He has published articles on didactics of Mathematics (especially in computer assisted education), History of Science and popularization of Mathematics.

The French government has awarded him the title of  “Chevalier dans l’ ordre des Palmes Académiques”

He has published four novels

1. Pythagorean Crimes (Translated in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, and Chinese).

2. Ahmes, the Moonchild (2010 Literary Award from the Republic of Cyprus)

3. The Four Colors of Summer

4. Symmetry and the Expatriate

and a collection of essays, Mathematics in the Newsreel – Associations while reading the newspaper.

He has translated a number of mathematics-oriented books from French and English into Greek, including:

1. Denis Guedj: Le théorème du perroquet.

2. Denis Guedj: Les cheveux de Bérénice.

3. Jeremy Gray: Hilbert’s Challenge

4. Philibert Schogt: Wild Numbers.

5. Eli Maor: Trigonometric Delights

6. Andrew Crumey: D’ Alambert’s principle

7. Andrew Crumey: Möbius Dick

8. R. Nets – W. Noel, The Archimedes Codex

9. Paul Nahin: An Imaginary Tale.

10. Graham Farmelo (Editor), It Must Be Beautiful, Great Equations of Modern Science..

11. Gregory Benford, Timescape.

12. Claude Allegre, Un peu de science pour tout le monde.

13. Paul Hoffman, The man who, loved only numbers

14. Marcus de Sautoy, The music of the Primes

15. Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

16. John Derbyshire, Prime Obsession

17. Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe

18. Gilles Dowek, Les métamorphoses du calcul


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